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Proposed amendments to village beach permits

    Beach parking permits and mass assembly permits will be the subjects of public hearings before the East Hampton Village Board on Friday, Aug. 16.

    The board will hear comments on three proposed amendments to its code that day at 11 a.m. One would clarify the requirements for a resident beach parking permit. The code now allows those related by blood or marriage to village property owners to also obtain a resident’s parking permit.

    However, there have been abuses of that right, Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. said Monday. “If you’re a nuclear family member, the village historically has granted permits to bona fide family members,” he said. “But there are others that take advantage of it. I understand it’s human nature, but it’s created some difficulties for Village Hall staff. We’re trying to codify and clarify, and make it a little bit more stringent.”

    Following an inaccurate report in Newsday on Monday, Becky Molinaro, the new village administrator, issued a clarification via e-mail. “With respect to the proposed change in the beach permits, the intent of the village code is to allow blood or marriage relatives to a village property owner entitlement to a resident beach pass so long as they (the relative) are residing at the village property owner’s property,” she wrote. “It does not have to do with the property owner themselves ‘living’ at the property — that is incorrect. It relates to the relative living at the village property.”

    The board will also consider whether to amend the village code so that events held on commercial premises and requiring a mass-assembly permit be held indoors only. This has long been village policy. The amendment would codify that.

    Another amendment would prohibit all vehicular stopping and standing on both sides of Huntting Lane from the intersection of Main Street and for 676 feet east. There is already a parking prohibition on that portion of the lane.