$$ for the Home Stretch

Democrats lead over G.O.P. narrowed in October

    East Hampton Democrats continued to lead in the fund-raising race in the lead-up to the town election on Tuesday, although Republicans have closed the gap in current fund-raising efforts.

    Campaign 2013, the Democrats’ primary campaign funding committee, in a filing with the New York State Board of Elections that covered donations and spending between Oct. 5 and Oct. 21, reported total contributions of $24,815 plus a $1,450 donation from the separate East Hampton Democratic Committee.  Campaign 2013 spent $30,692 for the Democratic slate during that period and had $4,440 in outstanding bills and $8,648 on hand, with 11 days to go before voting takes place.

    The Friends of Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, a separate committee dedicated to helping her win a town board seat on the Democratic and Working Families lines, reported contributions of $7,700 and expenditures of $3,950, leaving it with a balance of $8,534.

    The Friends of Larry Cantwell, the committee supporting the former East Hampton Village administrator’s unopposed bid for supervisor, has slowed down its own activities. The committee, which was a leading donor to other candidates earlier in the race, reported that it had received only $250 during the latest filing period, while spending $1,252. It still had a balance of $44,238 on hand for the homestretch.

    The East Hampton Town Republican Committee, on the other hand, reported that it had received $14,650 in contributions and spent $6,844 in early October, leaving it with a balance of $9,264.

    The Friends of Fred Overton, which backs the Republican town board candidate who also is running on the Independence and Conservative Party lines, reported total contributions of $6,685 and expenditures of $8,600, with a closing balance of $4,077.

    The Friends of Dominick Stanzione, the fund-raising committee for Councilman Dominick Stanzione, who is seeking re-election on the same lines that have endorsed Mr. Overton, reported $8,370 in contributions as well as a loan of $1,500 from Mr. Stanzione. It has spent $8,618 and had a balance of $3,179.

    The Independence Party reported total contributions of $8,200 and expenditures of $6,184, leaving it with $6,311 in the bank.

    The East Hampton Conservators, a political action committee that usually supports Democratic candidates, reported negligible fund-raising in the first weeks of October. Its only large expenditure reported was a $5,000 donation to the Democrats’ Campaign 2013.

    Also giving big to the Democratic cause was Mary Stone of Amagansett, who gave $5,000. Campaign 2013 also received $2,000 from Job Potter, the Democrats’ other town board candidate, and $1,450 from the Democratic Committee.

    Campaign 2013 received $1,000 donations from David Kelley of Sag Harbor, who is the brother of the Democrats’ campaign manager, Christopher Kelley, Anthony Liberatore of Wainscott, Ben Zwirn of East Hampton, the party’s supervisor candidate in 2007, David Koepp of Amagansett and Sherman Oaks, Calif., and Thomas Ogdan of Wainscott. Mr. Ogdan made a separate donation of $1,000 to the Democratic Committee.

    The Democrats also reported $750 donations from Richard Prins and Corinne Steensma of New York City and $500 donations from Charles Ehren of East Hampton, Preston Phillips of Bridgehampton, Rick Del Mastro of Wainscott, Donald Zucker of New York City, Ron Delsener of East Hampton, Devon Fredericks of East Hampton, Janet Ross of East Hampton and New York, and Vincent Cavello of East Hampton.

    The Friends of Kathee Burke-Gonzalez received $2,000 from Campaign 2013 and another $1,000 from the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee, which is based in New York. The committee received $1,000 from Barry Raebeck of Wainscott and $750 contributions from Richard Prins and Corinne Steensma and $500 donations from Ksasha Cutter of New York, Georgia De Havenon of New York, and Vincent Covello of Sag Harbor.

    The largest individual donation to Mr. Overton’s committee, $500, came from Richard Haeg of East Hampton, who ran for town board on the Republican line in 2011. His committee also received $1,000 donations from the Royal Atlantic Corporation of Montauk, and RA East Owners Association of Montauk, also of Montauk, both connected to the Royal Atlantic resort, and Pro East Hampton, a Republican PAC.

    Mr. Stanzione’s committee received $1,000 donations from Banshoho Holdings of Bridgehampton, Basa LLC of Warren, New Jersey, Charles Durkin East Hampton and New York City, Carolyn Kotler of New York, Steven Kotler of East Hampton and New York, Peter Brown of Palm Beach, Fla., and William Meyer of Amagansett. The Stanzione camp also received $500 from the Cablevison PAC in Bethpage and Lisa Rosenblum, for whom no address was listed.

    The Republican Committee reported a $1,400 donation from Ben Krupinski General Contractor and a $500 donation from Ben Krupinksi Builder, both of East Hampton, as well as a $1,500 donation from Bonnie Krupinski, the Sabin Metal Corporation, Nora Fithian, Beth Graziani, Barry Bistrian, and Raymond Harden, all of East Hampton, and Stratton Schellinger of Sag Harbor.

    The Independence Party was bolstered by a $5,000 donation from Mort Zuckerman of East Hampton, $2,100 from the Friends of Dominick Stanzione, and $2,000 from the Krupinski Maintenance Corporation of East Hampton.

    The Friends of Joe Bloecker, supporting the Republican candidate for town assessor, reported receipts of $910 and total expenditures of $3,886, which left the campaign with $3,046 in the bank for the home stretch.

    The Friends of Steve Tekulsky, the Democrat for town justice, reported total contributions of $5,750 and expenses of $7,371, leaving it with $5,972 in the bank. Mr. Tekulsky’s committee reported $2,600 in donations from a fund-raising event as its biggest source of revenue. A report for Mr. Tekulsky’s opponent, Republican Carl Irace, had not been filed by this paper’s deadline.