Return of A Popular Driver

Barry Gilliam
Barry Gilliam Morgan McGivern

    Barry Gilliam, a popular FedEx driver whose contract termination last month sparked a community outcry and inspired a grassroots effort to get him reinstated with the company, is back on his East Hampton Village and Wainscott route as of this week.
    “Sometimes you can fight City Hall,” said Mary Croghan of the East Hampton Business Service, who collected over 400 signatures in three days last month urging FedEx to reconsider Mr. Gilliam’s termination.
    FedEx Ground sells delivery routes to independent contractors, who service the routes with their own trucks. Mr. Gilliam had owned and driven his route for 11 years and had one employee driving a second truck.
    In the month since his contract was terminated, a number of other drivers had filled in on the route, and the rumor was that they planned to pool their resources to buy the route, then hire Mr. Gilliam back as the driver. Mr. Gilliam had not returned a call as of press time to confirm that arrangement, but regardless of the specifics, his customers are just happy to have him back, as can be seen in the dozens of posts since Tuesday on the Facebook page We Want Barry Gilliam Reinstated at FedEx Ground.
    “Welcome home, Barry!” Ms. Croghan posted yesterday. “You are so deeply appreciated by a grateful community.”