Letters to the Editor: EH Dems/KBG 08.17.17

Our readers' comments

Shown Her Commitment

New York, N.Y.

August 14, 2017

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my support for Kathee Burke-Gonzalez in the Demo­cratic Party primary on Sept. 12. As a member and former co-chair of the Wainscott Citizens Advisory Committee, I have had the pleasure and the privilege of working closely with Kathee on issues affecting our community.

During her first term on the town board, Kathee has accomplished much. She has helped restore civility, respect, and transparency to our town government, which has balanced every budget these past four years while reducing the town’s debt, increasing the surplus, and obtaining a credit upgrade. 

Kathee has also worked tirelessly for a clean environment. She is committed to good science and forward planning to address the pressing issues of ground and surface water quality, coastal erosion, and energy sustainability. Kathee has demonstrated that she is a strong proponent of preservation of our community character by fully and fairly enforcing the town code to protect our neighborhoods and quality of life. 

She sponsored the Wainscott Business District moratorium in order to permit the Town of East Hampton to complete its Wainscott hamlet study and to implement any recommendations which may arise from that study. Kathee was also instrumental in the purchasing of farmland on Main Street in Wainscott with C.P.F. funds. Kathee has shown her commitment to the Town of East Hampton and deserves to be re-elected to a second term.


She Has My Vote Again


August 13, 2017

Dear David,

Four years ago I voted for Kathee Burke-Gonzalez for town board. I based this vote not only on her accomplishments as a nine-year member of the Springs School Board (two years as president), but on her thoughtful, pragmatic, and forward-thinking approach to issues facing the town. She also had the temperament, smarts, and work ethic to get the job done. 

Fast-forward four years, she has my vote again. We need Kathee to continue the good work she has already started. First, Kathee, along with the current town board members, has restored respectful and civil discourse to town hall as well as sound fiscal management. It is a pleasure and a relief to see! Our town is in much better shape now than we were four years ago. 

Kathee has been an advocate for beach access, a stalwart defender of our environment, she helped secure more mental health services for adolescents and has worked to ensure that a new senior citizens center will be built. She is an experienced and dedicated public servant, and we are lucky to have her. 

East Hampton faces a barrage of tough issues and often-conflicting voices within the town. We need the continued steady, smart, pragmatic approach Kathee brings to our town government. On Sept. 12, please vote for Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, a proven leader, in the Democratic primary.


Deserves the Vote


August 8, 2017

Dear David,

The voters who turn out to vote in the Sept. 12 Democratic party primary will have before them a surplus of riches in the choices to fill two seats on the town board. All of the candidates possess strong backgrounds on issues that are vital to preserving and improving East Hampton. However, a fair examination of the record should compel all voters to cast a vote for the incumbent, Kathee Burke-Gonzalez.

Ms. Burke-Gonzalez was no stranger to the budgetary constraints in government or responding to community needs when elected in 2013. In her nine years of service on the Springs School Board, she worked with the school community that faced the reality of a budget cap that put every expenditure under a microscope. During her tenure that budget process became more transparent and efficient. Her style of consensus building and openness made the Springs School a better place.

Kathee has never shied away from the tough issues. Few issues have engendered as much emotion as control of the East Hampton Airport. Most politicians, especially those newly elected, would steer clear of involvement. Not true of Ms. Burke-Gonzalez. As councilwoman, she has taken the lead in the efforts to regulate operations at the airport to reduce the noise pollution. At the same time she has prudently helped to protect and improve this town asset (without F.A.A. money) by proposing and supporting capital projects at the airport. 

As a councilwoman Kathee has taken the time to educate herself on a wide range of issues. The work that Ms. Burke-Gonzalez did to raise public awareness on the topic of sexual assault on college campuses is a case study in the ability of public officials to bring an issue to the public through thoughtful communication and effective organization. Through her efforts, parents and college-bound students had the chance to attend two public screenings of a documentary that addressed the issue of sexual assault on college campuses.

Kathee Burke-Gonzalez has more than demonstrated her commitment, ability, and effectiveness as a member of our town board. She deserves the vote of every Democrat on Sept. 12, and of all voters in November.


To Keep Kathee

East Hampton

August 13, 2017

To the Editor:

Seniors, we must vote in this primary to keep Kathee Burke-Gonzalez. She represents us. We will see our new senior center start to rise if she is on the town board. 

This town board has brought our town back financially, and we are now in good shape. We have the best senior services of any town.

I have registration and absentee forms for voting, which I will take to the center. You can also pick them up at the post office and the library.

Please vote.