How East Hampton and Southampton Voted

East Hampton High School is the polling place East Hampton's Election Districts 1 and 14 Christine Sampson

A close look at South Fork district-by-district election results for the 2016 presidential race shows that although a majority of Suffolk County broke for the Trump-Pence ticket at the polls on Tuesday, the Clinton-Kaine team came out on top in all but one of the 37 Election Districts between Tuckahoe and Montauk.

In East Hampton Town, Donald Trump's support was strongest in Montauk, which tends to be more Republican-leaning than elsewhere in the town. Even so, Hillary Clinton won all four Montauk Election Districts, though by only 1 and 2 votes in the case of Election Districts 19 (198 to 197) and 10 (350 to 348), and by just 22 votes in E.D. 6 (108 to 86), according to a breakdown of unofficial results provided by the Suffolk County Board of Elections.

The town's three districts with the greatest number of eligible voters went very strongly for Mrs. Clinton. In E.D. 14 in East Hampton the count was 533 to 225 and in E.D. 8 and E.D. 11 in East Hampton Village it was 471 to 205 and 481 to 287, respectively. The unofficial townwide vote count, which does not include all absentee ballots, was 6,172 for Mrs. Clinton and 3,516 for Mr. Trump. Of the 16,898 eligible to vote in East Hampton Town, 9,979 went to the polls on Tuesday.

In Southampton Town, 24,137 of the 38,946 people eligible to vote cast ballots in Tuesday's election. Mrs. Clinton was the top presidential vote getter there, too, but not by much. She had 11,892 votes to Mr. Trump's 11,407. His support in Southampton Town was strongest in Eastport and East Quogue, and he won 20 of the town's 42 Election Districts.

In the Congressional race, where Representative Lee Zeldin triumphed over his Democratic challenger, former Southampton Town supervisor Anna Throne-Holst, East Hampton Town's results did not mimic those district-wide. Ms. Throne-Holst beat Mr. Zeldin in 17 of 19 Election Districts in East Hampton, with Mr. Zeldin winning only in E.D. 19 (201 to 196) and E.D. 10 (377 to 330) in Montauk.

The total vote count in East Hampton Town was 5,898 for Ms. Throne-Holst, 3,862 for Mr. Zeldin.

In Southampton Town, Mr. Zeldin had 692 votes more than Ms. Throne-Holst, for a final, unofficial count of 12,213 to 11,521. He widened his lead vastly in Brookhaven Town, where he got 114,303 to Ms. Throne-Holst's 78,403. In Smithtown the vote was 25,428 for Mr. Zeldin to 12,967 for Ms. Throne-Holst. Riverhead broke for the incumbent 8,535 to 5,470. The vote for him in Southold was 6,101 to 4,568.

In Islip Town, where only some of the Election Districts are in the First Congressional District, he had 3,610 to 2,081 for Ms. Throne-Holst. She earned more votes than him on Shelter Island, 732 to 630.