Ready for Marriage Equality

    On Monday morning, the day after New York State’s Marriage Equality Act goes into effect, the East Hampton town clerk’s office will be ready to accept license applications for same-sex marriages.
There will be a 24-hour waiting period after a license is issued before a ceremony can take place, except for couples seeking second ceremonies — a marriage in New York after having been legally married in another state.
East Hampton Town Clerk Fred Overton told the town board on Tuesday that he was still waiting to receive revised marriage license application forms from the state, which will give applicants the option of designating themselves as “bride,” “groom,” “spouse,” or none of the above.
The new gender-neutral form also makes answering the question of gender optional. Mr. Overton said he expects delivery of the new forms by the end of the week.
Marriage license applicants, he said, must provide a photo ID — driver’s license or passport — and an original or certified copy of a birth certificate. If previously married, divorce papers are required as well. Documents issued in another language must be translated into English by a state-certified translator. The license fee is $40.