Government Briefs 07.14.11

East Hampton Town
MTK Festival Ponies Up
    East Hampton Town has received a $100,000 check from the MTK: Music to Know Festival, which promised to make a donation of that amount for distribution to local charities in exchange for receiving a mass-gathering permit for the event. The two-day concert and “lifestyle” festival will take place at East Hampton Airport on Aug. 13 and 14.
    Chris Jones, an organizer of the event, confirmed this week that the organization had given the town a certified cashier’s check. It has reportedly been placed in an escrow account. The town board is to make the final determination about how the money will be distributed among a list of local nonprofit groups, including the East Hampton Day Care Center and several food pantries.
    Also this week, the town board agreed to pay a $35 court cost for the withdrawal of a lawsuit initiated by Amagansett residents against the town over the issuance of a permit to have the concert in that hamlet. The plaintiffs withdrew the suit in light of the change of venue.

New Head of Buildings and Grounds
    Tony Littman has been appointed head of the town’s buildings and grounds maintenance unit. A longtime employee in the Parks and Recreation Department, his title is now town maintenance supervisor.