Jeb Bush Makes Fund-Raising Stop in East Hampton

At the Henrys' house on Saturday evening, Jeb Bush chatted with East Hampton Village Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. Richard Lewin

Jeb Bush, who officially entered the 2016 Republican presidential race just two weeks ago, paid a fund-raising visit to East Hampton on Saturday to meet with old friends and make some new ones.

Governor Bush began his day with a light brunch at the East Hampton Village house of Ken Lipper, an investment banker and former deputy mayor of New York City under Ed Koch. From there, he traveled to Cliff Sobel’s house in Southampton for an informal gathering. Mr. Sobel, another old friend, led the fund-raising efforts in New Jersey for George W. Bush’s first campaign and served under him as ambassador to Brazil and the Netherlands.

Governor Bush finished the day back in East Hampton at a large campaign fund-raiser at the Further Lane residence of Emil and Jody Henry. Mr. Henry, also a major donor to the 2012 Romney campaign, worked in the Treasury Department during the governor’s brother's administration. A crowd of more than 200 supporters, including East Hampton Village Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr., were in attendance. Governor Bush spoke about his positions, took questions from partygoers, mingled with the crowd, and posed for pictures.
With Reporting by Richard Lewin

Mr. Bush with Woody Johnson. The owner of the New York Jets, Mr. Johnson is Mr. Bush's national finance chairman.Richard Lewin
The hosts' son and daughter, Emil W. Henry III, left, and Parker Henry, were among the younger generation of Bush supporters in attendance. Richard Lewin
Also talking with Mr. Bush on Saturday evening was Campbell Brown, a former CNN and NBC news anchor, who has become an education reform advocate. Her husband, Dan Senor, was an adviser to the administration of George W. Bush.Richard Lewin
Jeb Bush with Melissa Bausano, an attorney, and Barry Bausano, president of Deutsche Bank Securities, on Saturday.Richard Lewin