Recipe 03.14.19

Mexican Sweet Corn Chowder

Here is Colin Ambrose’s recipe for Mexican sweet corn chowder. I saw people come through the door and tell him “we came just for this soup when we saw that it was being served today.”

            This recipe has been halved, but will still make a huge amount.

            Serves a crowd


            10 corncobs (kernels removed and saved for later)

            1/2 lb. butter

            2 cups half-and-half

            1 1/2 bunches cilantro, with stems, rinsed twice

            10 poblano peppers, cut in half, with stem and seeds

            2 Tbsp. salt

            5 Idaho potatoes, peeled and diced 

            Kernels from 10 corncobs

            Corn tortillas, cut into strips

            Queso fresco or feta cheese for garnish


In a large pot bring one gallon of water to a simmer and then add butter, half-and-half, onion, cilantro, poblanos, and one tablespoon salt. Add corncobs and continue simmer for 43 minutes, uncovered, stirring occasionally. 

In a separate pot, bring half a gallon of water to a boil and add one tablespoon salt. Add potatoes. Boil 10 minutes, then strain and add to the chowder pot. 

Remove chowder pot from heat, remove corncobs, and blend until smooth. Add the raw corn kernels and chill. 

To serve, bring soup to a simmer. Fry corn tortillas cut into strips. Garnish with tortilla strips, a sprig of cilantro, and crumbled queso fresco or feta cheese.


Miso Soup

This recipe is from Jason Weiner of Almond restaurant.

Serves six.

6-square-inch piece of kombu (a type of seaweed found in Asian markets) soaked for 15 minutes, then rinsed

1/4 cup white miso (red works fine also)

6 cups stock or bone broth of your choice (do not add salt, and if you are using a store-bought product, make sure you opt for low sodium)

1/2 lb. firm tofu, drained and cut into 1/2-inch cubes

1/4 cup cooked spinach


Gently warm the kombu and stock in a non-reactive pot. Simmer gently for 15 minutes.

Remove and reserve the kombu, slicing it into very small strips.

Whisk in miso and simmer for a minute.

Divide the soup into six bowls.

Garnish with the tofu, spinach, and reserved kombu.