Photos: A Busy Night for Film Lovers

Randy Mastro and Alec Baldwin welcomed the crowd at Guild Hall before the screening of "Loving." Jennifer Landes

After a few quiet weeks post-Labor Day, activity and glamour in East Hampton moved up a notch on Thursday with the arrival of the Hamptons International Film Festival.

The annual event features a weekend packed full of screenings, talks, awards, and other events. Tickets are still available for many of them.

At the screening of the opening night film "Loving," Alec Baldwin and Randy Mastro welcomed the audience in their new roles as chairmen of the festival. Stuart Match Suna, who is now chairman emeritus, was also on hand to say a few words of thanks.

Jeff Nichols, the director of "Loving," received the festival's Victor Rabinowitz and Joanne Grant Award for Social Justice.

The party after the screening was held at The Leo on Three Mile Harbor Road.

Jeff Nichols and Nancy Buirski attended the screening of Mr. Nichols's film and discussed it afterward.Morgan McGivern
Board members and staff of HIFF posed for a big family photo before the screening. From left: Anne Chaisson, Judy Giuliani, Stuart Match Suna, Randy Mastro, Bob Balaban, Jeff Nichols, Nancy Buirski, David Nugent, and Alec Baldwin. Seated: Hilaria and Carmen BaldwinMorgan McGivern
The festival's corrals were once again full of film buffs waiting for the start of "Loving," this year's first big movie.Chelsea Audibert
Hugh King, as town crier, brought the evening's proceedings to order.Jennifer Landes
People came to dance at the after-party at The Leo in East Hampton.Morgan McGivern
D.J. TwiloMorgan McGivern
Samantha Press and Karen GoerlMorgan McGivern