Teacher’s Sixth Book Is Out

Adam Osterweil, an eighth-grade English language arts teacher at the Springs School and a Springs resident, has published “The Creepy Dungeon,” his sixth book, which reads more like a game. Young readers can embark on an interactive adventure full of puzzles and challenges that can be completed on the book’s website. 

“They have to make decisions, battle monsters, explore, collect treasure, and solve puzzles,” Mr. Osterweil said. “The goal is to make it down to the deepest level of the creepy dungeon, where an ancient blue dragon guards a treasure room full of rare and valuable items.”

“Welcome, brave adventurer,” reads the opening page. “You are about to take a journey that is filled with danger, monsters, treasures, and mysterious places.”

Mr. Osterweil will sign copies this evening and during the second period tomorrow at the school’s book fair, which ends tomorrow, said Debra Winter, the school’s superintendent. He will also show students a website where they can easily report on the outcome of their adventures. A running total will display how much gold and treasure all Springs School students have gathered from the dungeon.

A complete selection of Mr. Osterweil’s books is available for sale at the book fair.