Top Test Results Announced

Students at the Amagansett School are outperforming the national average at all grade levels in math and English language arts, according to Maria Dorr, the school’s principal. “That’s something to be very proud of,” she said at the school board’s Aug. 22 meeting. “This helps us to show the curriculum we’re providing to our students is meeting their needs.” 

In announcing the results, Ms. Dorr summarized an analysis of the 2015-16 and 2016-17 New York State report card and standardized assessment data. The school aims “to exceed the state in all grades in all levels,” she said.

The assessment data is available at 

The objective this year, Ms. Dorr said, is to provide “targeted training to teachers in implementation of student computer programs to enhance and enrich instruction.” To that end, the school will integrate Google Classroom, a learning platform utilizing Chromebooks, laptop computers that run Google’s Chrome operating system. 

“We have purchased Chromebooks for all our students,” Ms. Dorr said. “The reason we moved from Mac to Chrome was we really wanted to provide an opportunity for students, before they go on to middle school, to have that opportunity to interact.” She said that higher-level education often integrates online learning today. Later in the meeting, the board voted to deem many Apple laptop computers and tablets as surplus. 

Also at the meeting, the board adopted a resolution declaring the school’s septic system an emergency, allowing it to authorize repair. Historically, rainwater has been routed into the building’s cesspools, Kerry Griffiths, of the district’s buildings and grounds department, told the board. “That’s not allowed anymore. When they built the building, it probably was. We have to separate that and redo the cesspools, and upgrade,” he said. 

Repairs are necessary to be compliant with Suffolk County standards and are estimated to cost $11,270. In order to comply, Eleanor Tritt, the district superintendent, said, “We’d like to consider it an emergency so we can go ahead and fix it immediately, and then move on.” She said the work should be completed next month.