The Mast-Head: Comings and Goings

Arrivals and a departure

   Our regular readers are likely to have noticed a couple of new features in the last few weeks, two columnists who add perspectives not always reflected in The East Hampton Star and a notable departure.
    The first new addition to come aboard was Rebecca DeWinter, the nom de plume of the author of “Tales of a Hamptons Waitress,” a personal column about what it is like to work in food service on the South Fork. Rebecca is fairly sure that if we used her real name, her kiss-and-tell about patrons gone wild and some of her missteps would quickly result in her getting the boot from her restaurant job. All we can say is that she works somewhere in our coverage area, and only our bookkeeper knows her real name, more or less.
    Next, Debra Scott has begun writing about real estate in a column we are calling Company Town. East Hampton pretty much rises and falls along with the area’s fluctuating property sales. It was really an oversight not to get someone on this beat sooner.
    Rebecca reports on what happens on the floor, her co-workers, and making a go of it as a young college graduate suffering the not-so-occasional verbal abuses of summer visitors putting on airs. Debra has the tricky job of unraveling the back stories of East Hampton’s principal industry without crossing the line into outright promotion of one or another broker’s listings.
    As to the departure, Rusty, as he is known to one and all, has left the building. Although the Russell Drumm byline will continue to appear in these pages, he packed up his desk and headed east into retirement of a sort a couple of weeks ago. He will continue to write features and the weekly fish report, but after something like 35 years covering, among other assignments, the East Hampton Town Trustees, it was high time for him to start enjoying the good life.
    This week as well, we welcomed Angie Duke to the staff as a summer intern. While we take on interns regularly, Angie’s arrival is notable in that he is among the first of what I expect will be a long line of the children of some of my friends who are now old enough to want to learn about newspapering.
    At the beginning of the summer, it is exciting to take note of these milestones. We are looking forward an interesting season.