Woodsman, Prune That Tree or Replace It

A dead tree beside the Sagaponack School was one of those marked for removal by the Village of Sagaponack Tree Committee. Carrie Ann Salvi

    “The tree committee has tagged the trees between the school and post office,” announced Rosemarie Cary Winchell, Sagaponack Village clerk and treasurer, at a village board meeting on Tuesday. The marked trees are either dead and in need of removal, or in need of pruning, she told the board.
    The committee, created last year, maintains existing street trees and reviews requests to plant new ones.
    Replanting dead trees, particularly in the historic district, is the next step, said Mayor Donald Louchheim. “Should we replace them, at least on Main Street?” he asked. “Thirty years ago,” he recalled, “Main Street was lined with trees,” but, he said, if they are not replanted, 30 years from now “there will be none.”
    “Maybe homeowners will want to contribute,” the mayor suggested hopefully. “If not, we could consider funding it.”
    Two public hearings were scheduled at the meeting, both to take place on Feb. 11. One, which gives the village “the authority to administer what the town has been administering,” said Mr. Louchheim, involves excavation permits and the other is on a correction to the village’s Coastal Erosion Hazard Area Law, amending it in compliance with a request from the State Department of Environmental Conservation.