New Barre Studio in East Hampton

Elements Fitness
Ms. Hunsberger, center, teaching at the barre Nicole Tejada

Each summer dozens of fitness studios come . . . and go at season’s end. That’s one reason to take notice of Elements Fitness Studio. Opened in July by Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger, a dancer, the bright space on East Hampton’s Newtown Lane with mirrored walls and ballet barres is here to stay year round. The other reason is its focused selection of challenging workouts.

Ms. Hunsberger offers classes in dance cardio, HIIT Fusion (designed for fat burning), and barre fitness, derived from the Lotte Berk Method, a decades-old technique that claims to be the “ultimate body transformation system.” The rigorous class has participants squeezing and isolating “muscles I never knew I had,” according to one.

Her group fitness class is designed to reshape the body by coupling isometric exercises with interval training. Dance Cardio Sculpt is a high-energy class focusing on cardio with a choreographed warm up, isometric floor work, and core building exercises. She also offers customized programs in pre and postnatal fitness, corporate wellness, and bridal boot camps.

In New York Ms. Hunsberger instructed classes that included such students as Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Seinfeld, and Kirsten Dunst. 631-604-5445.

Nicola Clayton, a personal trainer, takes a class.Debra Scott
Some accessories used in classesDebra Scott