Apothecary and Latin Food Coming to Sag Harbor

A branch of White’s Apothecary will take over the space now occupied by Harbor Books, but will have a small offering of titles recommended by the bookstore. Jamie Bufalino

Two new businesses will soon be opening on Main Street in Sag Harbor. White’s Apothecary, the upscale pharmacy with branches in East Hampton and Southampton, will take over the 20 Main Street space previously occupied by Harbor Books, and the owners of Sen will launch a new restaurant in the former site of La Superica, the popular Mexican restaurant that closed in 2017. 

David Schwartz, the owner of White’s Apothecary, said the Sag Harbor store will open this summer, and will, in partnership with Harbor Books, feature a section of best-selling literature.

“Harbor Books will continue to have a home with us . . . and we are excited to continue partnering with surrounding establishments to increase small business visibility and success,” Mr. Schwartz said in a prepared statement. 

“I’m happy to have them,” Ted Seiter, the owner of the building, said of White’s. The company’s lease begins March 1, he said, but renovations to convert the store into a pharmacy would take a couple of months to complete. 

White’s Pharmacy was established at 81 Main Street in East Hampton Village in 1873, and has occupied the same space since then, making it the oldest continually operating retail business in that village. In 2013, Vincent Alibrani, the store’s owner at the time, sold it to Nyco Corp, a company that operates City Chemist in three Brooklyn locations as well as in Long Island City. The first East End expansion of White’s Apothecary was in July 2015, when a store opened in Southampton.  

Taylor Rose Berry, the owner of Harbor Books, announced on Nov. 23 that she would be forced to give up her space due to increased rent. Ms. Berry, who opened the store in the fall of 2014, said she was optimistic that she would find a new location in Sag Harbor for her business. She did not respond to a request to comment on the arrangement with White’s. 

The owners of the Japanese restaurant Sen — Jeff Resnick and the brothers Jesse and Tora Matsuoka — announced last week that they would be opening a new restaurant in the 1 Main Street building that was previously the site of La Superica, a Mexican restaurant that had been a Sag Harbor fixture for more than 25 years. Mr. Resnick was one of the original founders of La Superica. The concept for the new restaurant, due to open in May, will be “beach street food with Latin influences,” Jesse Matsuoka said on Monday. The menu will feature tacos and tequila, he said, the space will have an open kitchen, and the restaurant will be open year round.