The Village Shop Shuffle

East Hampton Village’s business district in flux
Bruno Cucinelli has moved out of its old space while building at 39 Newtown Lane is being renovated and is popping up at 55 Main Street. Carissa Katz

The impending arrival of new luxury retailers, a reshuffling of existing shops, renovations, and a few vacant storefronts have left East Hampton Village’s business district in flux as the summer season approaches. 

Construction is underway inside four spaces that will soon contain a quartet of newcomers to East Hampton: Aerin, a fashion, beauty, and home décor store founded by Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of the cosmetics magnate Estee Lauder; Loro Piana, an Italian clothing brand best known for its cashmere; the Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet, and Petit Blue, a store that will sell toys, strollers, and other child-centric wares. 

Aerin will move into the Newtown Lane space that, until recently, housed the Monogram Shop, which moved up the street into a boutique vacated by Michael Kors. 

Loro Piana will occupy the space on Main Street that was formerly a Ralph Lauren children’s clothing store.

Across the street, next to J. Crew, the Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet is planning to set up shop in July.

Petit Blue, which plans to open by Memorial Day weekend, will be located in the space on Park Place in the Reutershan parking lot that was formerly occupied by an offshoot of the Gubbins sporting goods store.

Construction is also in the works at the Brunello Cucinelli store on Newtown Lane, which is in the midst of an expansion, incorporating the space it took over from Second Nature, the vitamin and herbal supplements shop that has relocated to a space in the Reutershan lot. “We will be reopening the Brunello Cucinelli boutique at the end of June or early July” said Francesca Pittaluga, a senior brand relations manager for the designer. Until then, Brunello Cucinelli will be in a pop-up space across the street.

Meanwhile, London Jewelers, which had temporarily relocated to the Circle while its Main Street location was being refurbished, will move back in mid-May when the renovation is complete.

There are currently two high-profile vacancies on the west side of Newtown Lane: the large retail space left behind by the clothing store Tenet and the space next to the Scoop du Jour ice cream shop that was most recently occupied by Gallery Valentine. Tenet has moved south on Newtown Lane into the space formerly occupied by the now-defunct fashion brand Calypso St. Barth. Gallery Valentine will soon take over a space at 66 Newtown Lane. 

Tenet has vacated a large retail space running from Newtown Lane to Park Place, leaving the shop ready for a new tenant.Carissa Katz