Utility Offers Deal to Electric Car Buyers

Participants could save up to a third off the base model price
A sign of things to come: Electric cars fueled up at parking meter-style electric pumps at the Southampton BMW dealership. Hilary Thayer Hamann

PSEG Long Island has joined forces with BMW of North America to offer Long Island customers $10,000 off the best dealer-negotiated price on purchases of new 2017-18 BMW i3 series electric vehicles.

With additional federal tax credits of up to $7,500 for eligible buyers, and a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority rebate of $1,700 on electric vehicle purchases, participants could save up to a third off the base model price, which is approximately $44,450. The offer started Feb. 15 and runs until April 30.

The BMW i3 is a four-passenger high-roof hatchback with rear-wheel drive that goes up to 114 miles on a 

single charge. It was the company’s first full-electric car, and according to the manufacturer, drivers can expect the same high performance capacity as  other BMWs.

For those who could be prone to “range anxiety,” that is, fear of running out of power while driving, but not having ready access to charging stations, BMW offers the i3 REX with a gas-generated battery “range extender.” The Rex costs about $4,500 more than the all-electric model.

“We currently have two in stock,” Robert Rogers of BMW sales on County Road 39 in Southampton, said on Friday afternoon. By the same time the following day, both cars had been sold. Mr. Rogers said the dealership can order vehicles and have them delivered in a matter of days.

The collaborative promotional effort by car manufacturer, utility company, and state and federal agencies might be one of more to come as private, public, and corporate stakeholders work to develop alternative fuel strategies and consumer-incentive programs in response to federal energy efficiency regulations. The Environmental Protection Agency has mandated that by 2030, all cars sold in the United States must operate at a fuel efficiency of 50 miles per gallon.

Though the $10,000 deduction is seen at the point of purchase, buyers need to apply for tax rebates separately.

PSEG Long Island customers seeking to take advantage of the offer need to take a copy of their electric bill and a PSEG/BMW customer information form to any authorized BMW dealer. The form can be found online at PSEG.com/goelectric..