Recorded Deeds: 02:08:18

The prices below have been calculated from the county transfer tax. Unless otherwise noted, the parcels contain structures.


R. and R. Steinman to Millhampton L.L.C., 232 Millstone Road, .54 acre, Nov. 30, $2,700,000.

P. Bell to K. and N. Seiff, 191 Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike, .65 acre, Dec. 4, $1,250,000.



A. Shuster (by referee) to HSBC Bank USA National Association, 642 Stephen Hand’s Path, 4.5 acres, May 2, $318,675.

R. Owen and trust to D. Seeherman 33 Hand’s Creek Road, 1 acre (vacant), Nov. 14, $935,000.



J. Kramer to M. Panebianco Trust, 111 Montauk Highway, 1.01 acres, Nov. 14, $1,700,000.

B. and M. Grieff to R. and I. Figueiredo, 10 Bailow Lane, .76 acre, Dec. 19, $1,925,000.



B. and S. Halweil to F. Cary, 132 Glover Street, .68 acre, Dec. 7, $1,685,000.



I. Engelman (by executor) and T. and R. Engelman to A. Mitchell, 144 Waterhole Road, .8 acre, Dec. 18, $1,100,000.

J. and J. Avolio to A. Daunt and E. Silich, 143 Gardiner Avenue, .5 acre, Nov. 2, $550,000.

F. LaBarbera (by executor) to C. Zay and Y. Bustamante, 120 Gardiner Avenue, .32 acre, Nov. 13, $505,000.

Data provided by Suffolk Research Service of Southampton