Recorded Deeds - 05.26.11


The prices below have been calculated from the county transfer tax. Unless otherwise noted, the parcels contain structures.


L. and E. Foster to M. Messemer, 5 North Cape Lane, .63 acre, Mar. 28, $650,000.
W. Langer to J. Winther and S. Perry, 19 Van Scoy’s Path West, 1.8 acres, April 7, $1,900,000.

J. Scoglio to J. and N. Gentile, 6 Gull Road, .17 acre, April 15, $676,000.
J. and D. Iaqunito to J. and I. Lowe, 128 Adams Drive, .23 acre, April 6, $855,000.
R.J. Riggins and L Riggins to D. and R. Dickson, Franklin Drive, April 1, $1,560,000.

Timeless Homes Ltd. to A. Lange, 33 Shadyrest Drive, .54 acre, April 11, $720,000.
M. and D. Roeloffs to R. and L. Marsden, 91 Harbor Watch Court, 1.38 acres, April 12, $1,575,000.

D. and C. Buckley to M. Scaraglino and J. Adamo, 189 Old Stone Highway, .46 acre, April 6, $585,000

Data provided by Suffolk Research Service of Southampton