And Now, Montauk, the Anthology

Hot off the Harbor Electronic Publishing press

Montauk. It’s all the rage. But there’s cool Montauk, day-tripping Montauk, partying Montauk, and then there’s a somewhat more authentic Montauk, exemplified by the grizzled veterans of the fish-stinking rocky promontory who’ve put their literary heads together to come up with an anthology celebrating the place. 

Hot off the Harbor Electronic Publishing press, “On Montauk” is edited by Ed Johann of the Montauk Writers Group and Celine Keating, whose latest novel is “Play for Me” and who will host a group reading on Sunday at 2 p.m., in situ, as it were, at the hamlet’s A Tale of Two Sisters bookshop. Contributors taking part are community activists like Bill Akin, residents of legendary status like Perry Duryea III, and writers perhaps familiar from their work in the pages of The Star, like Debbie Tuma and Gert Murphy. Dave Davis? Alice Kaltman? David Phenix? They’ll be there. 

But wait. There are 50 or so contributors of essays, fiction, and poetry. What about the rest of them? Take note, more such gatherings are coming down the pike this summer, from the East Hampton Library to Southampton Books to Canio’s Books in Sag Harbor, and each will have a rotated cast of readers. 

Stay tuned.