Bernie Sanders, Illustrated

“250 Quotes From America’s Political Revolutionary”
A Walker Bragman illustration from the brand-new book “Bernie Sanders: In His Own Words”

Bernie Sanders, the Democratic-Socialist candidate for president who has a house on Lily Pond Lane here . . .

Let’s start over. There’s a book just out from Skyhorse Publishing, “Bernie Sanders: In His Own Words,” that not only compiles “250 Quotes From America’s Political Revolutionary,” in the words of its subheading, but also features the political cartooning of Walker Bragman of East Hampton, known in these parts and on these pages for his work with the advocacy group East End New Leaders. The illustrations are cute, they’re pen-and-ink, they get their point across.

The book is in essence a campaign document, and, to be frank, there’s a fair amount of boilerplate here: “We need to educate, organize, and mobilize the working families of our country to stand up for their rights.” That’s a July 29 Twitter post.

But you do get a sense of the man. On Nafta, for instance, a signature piece of legislation from the Clinton administration: “Unfettered free trade has been a disaster not only for Americans but for the working people of Mexico and Canada as well. Our difficult but important job now is to build a new coalition of trade unionists, environmentalists, small-business owners, and manufacturers who put the people in their communities ahead of corporate America’s reckless search for profits.” (From a 2004 article in The Nation.)