Art Meets Function at Grey Area

These glistening rocks and minerals by Eric Cahan are actually soaps ($14) Debra Scott

Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, an East Hampton emporium dedicated to selling both rare publications and art, has partnered this summer with Grey Area, an art and design consultancy. With Kyle DeWoody at the helm, Grey Area defines its mission thus: "With art as a starting point, Grey Area seeks to push the limits of creative engagement and expression through collaboration, installation, and programming."

How this translates on Newtown Lane is that Ms. DeWoody has commissioned a number of artists to make objects that range from purely ornamental to functional, mostly the latter. Tongue-in-cheek seems to be the informing motif. Consider a shelf of fabric sculptures by Megan Whitmarsh made to emulate books ($700 each). Then there are the smiley-face tote bags that duplicate the kind handed out at supermarkets, except that these are made of taffeta by Lauren DiCioccio ($26), and more. . . .

Artist-commissioned yoga mats ($80)Debra Scott
A Versa Table by Chen Chen and Kai Williams is comprised of a universal base and interchangeable pieces of art that serve as either tabletops or wall hangings $15,000).Debra Scott
A tabletop-wall hanging for the Versa TableDebra Scott
Philip Estlund Genus chair with coral collage ($3,600)
Soft sculptures mimicking art magazinesDebra Scott
Smiley face tafetta tote Debra Scott