‘The Upside’ in Wide Release on Friday

Film with East End contributors stars Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart

“The Upside,” a film with East End connections whose release was delayed when the Weinstein Company filed for bankruptcy last March, will open in theaters Friday. Starring Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman, and Kevin Hart, it is a remake of the 2011 French film “The Intouchables.”

The production was designed by Mark Friedberg, who spent summers in Springs while growing up and today divides his time between that hamlet and New York City. 

Mr. Cranston plays a wealthy quadriplegic with a sizable art collection. “We wanted to use real art, not movie art,” Mr. Friedberg told The Star last March. One of the artists whose work he chose was the late Bill Tarr, who was a close friend of Mr. Friedberg’s father, Paul, and who also lived in Springs.

“Bill was an important person in my life,” said Mr. Friedberg, who called Nick Tarr, Bill’s son, whom he knew growing up, and arranged to borrow four of Bill’s sculptures to be used in the film. Mr. Friedberg is also the production designer of the just-released “If Beale Street Could Talk.”