Watermill’s Process

At the Watermill Center

In Process @ the Watermill Center provides an opportunity for interaction between the center’s resident artists and members of the community through open rehearsals, studio visits, and artist talks. From 2 to 4 on Saturday afternoon, Dylan Neely and Alex Nathanson, and Brian O’Mahoney will be the featured artists.

The work of Mr. Neely, a composer, and Mr. Nathanson, a video artist, combines sound, video, and handmade electronic instruments into interactive multimedia performances that include noise, chamber music, experimental cinema, Saturday morning cartoons, and other elements. Mr. Mahoney uses performance, video, and humor to explore the absurdities of his personal, and our collective, anxieties.

Tours of the center’s building, grounds, library, and collection will be offered between 1 and 2. Reservations are required for Saturday’s events, and a $10 donation has been suggested for tour participants.