Toni Ross's 'Road Show' Reading

Toni Ross, right, stood with Andrea Grover, the curator of the Parrish Art Museum's 'Road Show' series, and Charlie Marder on Saturday at the opening of her exhibiton. Morgan McGivern

Four noted writers—Kathy Engel, Paul Goldberger, Joe Pintauro, and Iris Smyles— will give a free reading of works selected in response to Toni Ross's Parrish Road Show installation "Permanent Transience" at Marders in Bridgehampton on Friday at 6 p.m. Some of the authors will read from their own work, some from work by other writers. The exhibition will be on view at through Sept. 5.

“Permanent Transience” consists of sculpted straw bales that intersect and envelop three massive boulders on the site. Combinations of diverse objects and materials, especially those that defy logic, have long intrigued Ms. Ross.