A Few Snaps From Guild Hall's Events This Week

A.M. Homes, left, posed for photos with Roseanne Cash, who presented her with a lifetime achievement award during the cocktail hour on Tuesday night at the Rainbow Room. Jennifer Landes

The staff and new artists in residence at Guild Hall were busy this week keeping up with receptions, cocktails, and dinners in East Hampton and New York City.

Saturday night, Guild House, a property purchased last year behind the museum, opened its doors to local artists and writers in various disciplines to help welcome the first residents of the space, who will be working closely with mentors from the community.

The Guild Hall Academy of the Arts selected as the first artists in residence three visual artists and two writers. The artists are Jennifer Hsu and James Wang, a multidisciplinary collaborative duo, and Arcmanoro Niles, a painter. The writers are Iris Smyles, a novelist, and Tom Yuill, who is a poet.

The group was also introduced at the Guild Hall Academy of the Arts dinner in New York City's Rainbow Room on Tuesday. The evening honored Mary Heilmann, A.M. Homes, Charlotte Moss, Barry S. Friedberg, and Sarah Jessica Parker, who gave a surprise lifetime achievement award to Ruth Appelhof, Guild Hall's director.

Tom Yuill read at Guild House as Iris Smyles, seated, looked on.Morgan McGivern
Marianna Levine, Ruth Appelhof, and Eric Fischl at Guild HouseMorgan McGivern
The evening view from the Rainbow RoomJennifer Landes
Florence and Richard Fabricant on the red carpet before the dinner on Tuesday.Jennifer Landes
Michele Cohen, Marty Cohen, and Ruth Appelhof on TuesdayJennifer Landes
Rick Liss, Mary Heilmann, and Clifford Ross at the Rainbow RoomJennifer Landes
Charlotte Moss on TuesdayJennifer Landes
The Rainbow Room before dinnerJennifer Landes
Sarah Jessica Parker at the Rainbow RoomJennifer Landes