Workshops on Suicide Prevention and Dating Violence

Two workshops on important and serious subjects for teens will be held in the coming days — on suicide awareness on Saturday at the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton and on dating violence at the East Hampton Library on Wednesday.

Saturday’s Hampton Library event is based on the Safetalk method, a national program for people 15 and older. Participants will be shown how to notice signs of suicidal thoughts among friends and family and how to respond. Those attending get practical knowledge of how to identify someone having such thoughts and link them to lifesaving resources. Registration is required with the library. A signed permission form for anyone under 18 is also required.

Wednesday’s dating violence workshop, called In Their Shoes, has been organized by the Retreat shelter and will be presented by its teen leadership project. It will focus on understanding unhealthy relationships and how teenagers can support others experiencing dating difficulties. It is open to all high school-age students. Pizza will be served. Sign-up is by email at