East Hampton High’s Forensics Class ‘Solves’ a Crime

East Hampton High School forensics students visited Stony Brook University’s Forensic Science Lab to “solve” a crime using evidence from a crime scene, including DNA samples, fingerprints, and hair. Elizabeth Forsberg

Students enrolled in a forensics class at East Hampton High School have learned what it’s like to solve a crime. They traveled to Stony Brook University’s Forensic Science Lab, where they were presented with a crime and were given evidence taken from a crime scene. They used restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis and agarose gel electrophoresis to solve it after looking at DNA samples from the victim and five suspects. Additional evidence included a crumpled note, hair, fingerprints, and shoeprints.

Students also used chromatography to compare the ink from a note found at the crime scene to ink in pens that belonged to the suspects, and compared hair and shoeprints of those belonging to the suspects.