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Hand-stitched puppets, circa 1900, probably Italian, were found at a tag sale in East Hampton. Durell Godfrey
Alphabet blocks from about 1880Durell Godfrey
Hand-carved and painted East Hampton landmark Christmas ornaments made by T. & P. Johnson, purchased locally in the 1970s or '80s.Durell Godfrey
Hand-painted articulated wooden Alice in Wonderland figures from England, circa 1940.Durell Godfrey
Blue and white Staffordshire doll plates and serving pieces from Gardiner's Island are English, circa 1810.Durell Godfrey
An American pedal car from the 1940sDurell Godfrey
Hand-painted cast lead toy soldiers from England, circa 1950, belonged to the father of one of the historical society's trustees.Durell Godfrey
Part of a large collection of hand-stitched mottos, circa 1930 to 1950Durell Godfrey

Carmen Adriana in a client's closet Durell Godfrey

A young helper drew the winning numbers at the center's 2012 holiday party. Morgan McGivern

The courtyard in front of Rowdy Hall in East Hampton, where a patrons can watch the matches on indoor or outdoor televisions. Carissa Katz