Battle of the Blades at Bridgehampton Carving Contest

Bill Stewart, with his daughter Fairleigh, took home the title of Master Blade for his creation on the right. John Musnicki and Durell Godfrey

To think of the Bridgehampton Lions Club’s Carving Contest as a mere jack-o-lantern challenge would be to vastly underestimate the talent on display at the annual event, which took place on Monday at the Bridgehampton Community House.

Carvers of all ages used pumpkins, gourds, a variety of winter squash, cornstalks, and more to craft entries in over than a dozen categories from Classic Jack to weirder ones like Genetically Modified, Poultrygeist, and Compost Zombie. After all, the point of Halloween is to get in touch with the odder side of things.

This year, Bill Stewart once again claimed the top title, Master Blade, proving himself the consummate artist no matter the medium.

Winners in the contest’s Freestyle category were Pamela Eldrich, David E. Rattray (editor of The Star, by the way), and Julie Cummings-Bosch. They won $250, $150, and $75 respectively. The 12-and-under Freestyle winners were Chase Godelavski, Liam Blackmore, and Amy Husband, who took home respective prizes of $150, $100, and $50.

In other categories first prize was $50 and second $20.

Isla Panton took first and Megan Dumbkowski second in Odd Lot. In the Even Odder category, the winners were Zaida Triffit and Hudson Musnicki, whose father organizes the contest. Other winners by category were as follows:

Area 51: Petra Elliston, first; Cyrus Halweil, second. Poultrygeist: Sag Harbor prekindergarten, first prize; Kelly Elliston, second. Downside Up: Evan Shipman, first; Daniel Fernandez, second. Instagrin: Barbara Dayton, first; Gosia Yuzanska, second. Extreme Scream: Andrew Castle first; Judy Musnicki, second. Protest Patch: Barbara Dayton, first; Daniel Fernandez, second. Dead Bug: Amy Tilton, first; Daniel Fernandez, second. Shadow Puppet Theatre: Elana Kolholff, first; Anna Wasilewska, second. Genetically Modified: Katherine Blackmore, first; Erin Shoenar, second. Compost Zombie: Drew Hallac, first; Harper Reilly, second.

Jacks both classic and less so.Durell Godfrey
Artists in other mediums, like the metal artist and blacksmith James DeMartis, left, brought their talents to bear in the pumpkin-squash medium.John Musnicki
Drew Hallock's creation was a pumpkin eating brains. Fantastically yucky.Durell Godfrey
Cute and screamy.John Musnicki
Entries in the Protest Patch categoryJohn Musnicki
John Musnicki
David E. Rattray's whale gourd won second place in the Freestyle category.Durell Godfrey
John Musnicki