A Happy Ending for Lulu

With the help of the entire Montauk community Lulu, a small Pomeranian owned by Lydell and Steve Margraf, was found on Saturday afternoon on Old Montauk Highway. Janis Hewitt

Everywhere Lydell Margraf goes she takes Lulu, her little 9-year-old Pomeranian, with her, usually snuggled in her arms. So last week, when people saw her without her dog, they knew something was amiss.

According to Ms. Margraf, little Lulu caught a doggy case of spring fever and took off on a jaunt, crossing busy Second House Road, Montauk Highway, and Old Montauk Highway, where she was found four days later, on a weekend busy with music lovers in town for the Montauk Music Festival.

Lulu was let out from her house near the Montauk School on the afternoon of May 13. She usually runs to the end of the driveway but comes back quickly when Ms. Margraf calls her in. That afternoon, though, she didn’t return.

Ms. Margraf and her husband, Steve, called the police, the fire department, and put up signs all over. They talked to business owners, post office employees, neighbors, and anyone else they thought might have seen her. Every day they went out searching for the little dog, which weighs a bit under 10 pounds, if that.

But Lulu got lucky. She was found late Saturday near a beach off Old Montauk Highway by none other than Sally Nielsen Glogg, who, like her whole family, is a huge animal advocate.

Ms. Glogg called the Margrafs, and they immediately drove over to retrieve Lulu. Ms. Margraf said she could almost see the little dog let out a sigh of relief when she saw her mommy. She had a few ticks and was very tired and hungry, but considering her journey she wasn’t in bad shape.

“It’s just a miracle that she wasn’t run over by a car,” said Ms. Lydell yesterday, with Lulu back in her arms.