Ben W. Schoenster

Signs on sovereign land seen as boon for tribe
Electronic billboards were installed Thursday, just before the start of Memorial Day weekend, on this newly built monument on the eastbound side of Sunrise Highway. The Shinnecock Indian Nation said advertising will generate much-needed revenue. Taylor K. Vecsey
The advertising display changes every few seconds. Taylor K. Vecsey

Privateer captain murdered by loyalists

Sales lagged for East Hampton storeowners
The Spring Street Fair on May 11 brought some 4,000 people to East Hampton Village, but some disgruntled shopkeepers said it has hurt, not helped, their business that day. Durell Godfrey

Item of the Week From the East Hampton Library Long Island Collection

Richard Lawler and Ray Harden will join her on Elms Party line in 2020
Barbara Borsack, seen before casting her ballot in Tuesday’s school budget vote and board elections, is hoping voters will give her the nod in the 2020 race for East Hampton Village mayor. Durell Godfrey

A rendering shows what the new entryway will look like at the Montauk Library. Gallin Beeler Design Studio