The battle over the Town of East Hampton’s settlement with Duryea’s Lobster Deck, which a State Supreme Court judge suspended last month, continued at a meeting of the town’s zoning board of appeals on Tuesday. Jane Bimson

Baymen harvest approximately 125,000 of the ancient arthropods for eel and whelk traps annually, according to the Cornell Cooperative Extension experts. Durell Godfrey

The recording at the trustees' office on Bluff Road in Amagansett may have been made several months ago and spans an unknown length of time. David E. Rattray

Sportsmen want credit for culling deer
The concert promoter Ron Delsener told the East Hampton Town Board to “do the right thing” and ban hunting on at least one weekend day during hunting season. Christopher Walsh

Board says all should be eligible, documented or not
Taylor K. Vecsey