At a dress rehearsal on Monday for the East Hampton High School production of “Les Misérables,” Kevin Chabla, left, Vincenzo Salsedo, center, and Brody Eggert proved they were ready for opening night tomorrow. Durell Godfrey
Aiden Cooper, in the foreground, plays the police inspector Javert in the East Hampton High School production of “Les Misérables” this weekend. Durell Godfrey

A pilot program at the East Hampton Library
Beatriz Rivas, left, reviewed a writing sample with the teacher, Celia Josephson, during a high school equivalence exam prep class at the East Hampton Library earlier this month. Durell Godfrey

A substitute teacher at the Springs School filed state claim against a school official. Durell Godfrey

Dancers and teachers from Dancehampton in East Hampton celebrated at the KAR regional dance competition earlier this month, where Dancehampton received a Studio of Excellence Award. Nicole O’Donnell

Retreat initiative looks at makings of healthy relationships, and abusive ones
Members of the winter 2019 Teen Leadership Project, sponsored by the Retreat, will help lead a workshop tonight at the East Hampton Library that includes exercises like Choose Your Own Ending, which asks attendees to imagine different scenarios that can head off teen dating violence. Helen Atkinson-Barnes

After four years in a trailer, four walls and a roof
Jeff Mayer and Angela De Vincenzo have expanded their Blocks, Trucks + Art workshops and programs for kids into their new BT+A Gallery in Sag Harbor. Carissa Katz