East Hampton Town Has New Web Address

If you've been trying to open a page on East Hampton Town's website this week, and have been unsuccessful, it is not because you have lost your Internet connection, nor is the town's website down.

Previously, HamptonsOnline hosted the town's domain name, but several months ago the company announced that it would stop hosting domains at the beginning of this month, according to Bob Pease, the town's information technology administrator.

The town accordingly changed its URL from town.east-hampton.ny.us to a simpler one, ehamptonny.gov. For the past several months, when people entered the old name, HamptonsOnline redirected them to the new domain. That ended at the beginning of April. Now, if you enter the old web address, you'll end up staring at a "server not found" page.

The problem now is that search engines, like Google and Bing, have not yet updated to the new name. So, if you find your way to websites through a Google search, for example, you'll get the old address.

In the next few days that will change, said Mr. Pease. The search engines were notified about the change. "We've done our part," Mr. Pease said, and soon the search engines will send their spiders crawling through the town's website, updating the web addresses that show up at the end of its links.


http://ehamptonny.gov/ gives me an error as well "This web page is not available" However, adding www.ehamptonny.gov works, but again a simple DNS update would allow both domains (with or without the WWW to direct to the correct page.) Who is responsible for handling the town's internet presence? It seems they are not all the technically savvy.
Why doesn't the town configure the DNS servers for the old domain name to redirect to the new name? The town presumably owns that domain name so it shouldn't be a big deal to do that.