I Love Garden Tours

Virtually every garden I have visited over the years has given me an idea about what I could do, might do, should do, or would never do in my garden. While touring, I can shamelessly say to myself, “I would never put those two colors together.” Or more often I might say, “Wow, who would have thought to put those colors together.” (Purples and chartreuse.)

 I know I like yellow and white flowers in gardens, and while a red rose is lovely, I just don’t like red flowers in a garden. I realized that in someone else’s garden, before I made that mistake myself. 

Visiting gardens with a notepad or camera, I go home with notes to consider — limbing up, as they do at Madoo, or planting coreopsis right up to the edge of the swimming pool. (File that on the back burner or in the garden shed if you have one.)

Garden tours can teach us how others solved an irksome question like what to plant in too much shade, and help solve the dilemma of focal points like sculpture, birdbaths, benches, and rocks. You can get ideas about what looks good in small as well as large containers, and find out what the terms “pallarded” and “pleached” mean. (There is an app for that.)

There are many garden tours in season here and almost all benefit local charities. For that reason alone garden tours turn out to be good experiences.