Gimme Local Valentine's Day Gifts

Give one to all of your valentines. A ceramic heart. Romany Kramoris Gallery, Sag Harbor, $12. Durell Godfrey

Valentine's Day is upon us, and many will have waited until the last minute to find that perfect gift for the love of your life. Do not fret, Durell Godfrey, The Star’s hunter-gatherer, found these gifts sure to earn you a kiss from your valentine. 

Fill this bag with goodies if you really want to splurge. Shoe-Inn, East Hampton, $110. Durell Godfrey
Perfect for the beach-lover in your life and some even are heart-shaped. Ocean tumbled, natural sea glass necklaces, from the south shore of Long Island. Chel'seaglass Jewelry, East Hampton, find online at'seaglass Jewelry
If you have been treated to lobster dinners, how about treating him to lobster socks. Top Drawer, East Hampton, $12. Durell Godfrey
Red is the color of love, plus it's a mighty fine color for a cashmere scarf. The Monogram Shop, East Hampton, $395. For him or her.Durell Godfrey
Celebrate moving in together with a kiss — a kiss key ring, that is. Shoe-Inn, East Hampton,$38. Durell Godfrey
A wreath, made of recycled cashmere and made locally, a festive gift that can be displayed almost anytime and anywhere. The Golden Eagle, East Hampton. $65.
A good reminder written on a trinket dish, and perfect for a diamond ring. Salty Home, Bridgehampton, $10.Durell Godfrey
Because you love the one you love. A rainbow flag, available at Kites of the Harbor, Sag Harbor, $39.99.
Don't forget a card. Here's a vintage-inspired one. Romany Kramoris Gallery, Sag Harbor, $7.50.Durell Godfrey