DJango’s: She Saw the Sign

Sarah Malone
Sarah Malone recently opened Django's Organics at 514 Three Mile harbor rd. Morgan McGivern

    Sarah Malone knew she had to do something. It had been several months since the tragic death of her son, DJango Brevard, in a motorcycle accident, and although she seemed to be doing okay to the outside world, inside she knew differently.
    “Facebook was my only outside contact,” she said. She could feel herself isolating herself at home in front of her computer. “It was getting too comfortable,” she said.
    Before her son’s untimely death in September of last year, he had urged his mom to open her own store, based on her experience working for Provisions and her love of, and experience with, organic and natural products. “ ‘Just do it,’ he told me. I felt I needed to learn more about the business side of things before jumping in.”
    But it was a for rent sign in January that finally caught her eye, and made DJango’s dream a reality. The space at 514 Three Mile Harbor Road, next to the Maidstone Market in Springs, spoke to her. And four months later, it is DJango’s Organics, an all-natural store and juice bar, which will hold its grand opening on Saturday, although the store has been quietly open for over a month.
    Ms. Malone and her fiancé, Gerry Desmond, have put a lot of sweat equity into the light, airy space. “I was going to build these big, light-blocking shelves,” Mr. Desmond said. Instead, Ms. Malone found wire shelving on eBay, that allows the light to pass through. The shelves are stacked with all kinds of natural goodness — from vitamins and other supplements to organic, vegan, and gluten-free items. The refrigerators hold some local organic produce along with juices, dips, dairy, and frozen foods, and the back room holds more supplies as well.
    Healthy snacks and organic chocolate are available at the bar, and there are juices made with Green Vibrance, a health supplement, and other fresh ingredients. Daily specials are listed on a dry-erase board.
    Ms. Malone used to be a holistic health coach at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, and believes that educating people about the benefits of whole-foods nutrition is tantamount. The store will host lectures and events covering select topics like acupuncture, yoga, and feng shui by local specialists.
    As to the location, somewhat off the beaten path? It seems not to faze the owners or their customers. There was a steady stream of people one day last week and they all had one thing to say to Ms. Malone: “We’re so glad you’re here.”
    DJango’s Organics is open seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and can also be found on Facebook.