Photos: Parties and Gatherings With an East Hampton Flair

On Friday, Mia Fonssagrives-Solow hosted a reception for the French Heritage Society at Truxel Farm in East Hampton that featured her sculpture. Durell Godfrey photos

Last weekend offered a variety of events, from big-name outside organizations to those near and dear, like Southampton Hospital, the East Hampton Historical Society, the Amagansett Historical Association, the Peconic Land Trust, and others.

Durell Godfrey caught up with some of the East Hampton soirees and receptions to see how these homegrown groups like to celebrate.

Some donned the clothes of the Roaring '20s to toast an exhibition of Sara and Gerald Murphy at Clinton Academy. Others displayed their art at various openings, and still others got down on the farm at Quail Hill in Amagansett for the Peconic Land Trust’s annual Through Farms and Fields benefit. 

Stay tuned. There is more to come next week with the East Hampton Library’s Authors Night and Guild Hall’s annual summer party.

William Sherman Donnelly and his sister, Laura Donnelly, celebrated their grandparents at "Living Well Is the Best Revenge: A Jazz-Age Fable of Sara and Gerald Murphy" at a Friday night reception at the East Hampton Historical Society.
Many partygoers, like Rich Look and Mardie Gorman, took the theme of the exhibition to heart with garb reminiscent of the 1920s.
Mary Busch held a fetching parasol at the Gerald and Sara Murphy reception.
Janet Schutt and Denise Market found themselves at the Peconic Land Trust's Through Farms and Fields party in similar garb and also sporting parasols.
Carmen Baldwin paraded around with her own parasol as her mother, Hilaria Baldwin, followed her.
Sue and John de Cuevas were honorees at the Peconic Land Trust party.
Jeanne and David Stiles at the Amagansett Art Show opening, held in the Jackson Carriage Barn at the Amagansett Historical Association.
Mark Perry with one of his paintings in the Amagansett show.
Billy Strong with a Durell Godfrey photograph he purchased.