Springs Makes Case for Space as Bond Vote Nears

In anticipation of a March 6 Springs School District vote on a $16.9-million bond to finance a long-planned expansion project, the school board and administrators will present an overview of the project on Thursday at 6 p.m. at Ashawagh Hall.

Expansion of the school promises the addition of 24,000 square feet in total, and will include the reconstruction and renovation of existing interior areas, upgrading and new construction of outbuildings, an improved parking lot, the installation of a new baseball field, as well as the expansion and renovation of existing playing fields. Approximately 3.5 acres of trees and forested land on school property will be cleared in the process. In addition, the existing septic systems will be replaced with a new, low-nitrogen sanitary system.

According to Michael Henery, the district’s business administrator, the cost of the project is to be capped at just under $23 million. Approximately $6 million from the district’s capital reserve fund will be applied to that sum, leaving taxpayers to say yea or nay on March 6 to the financing of a balance of $16.9 million.

Springs School District residents have been invited on Thursday to "learn why the district feels they need more space . . . what it will cost, and when it is anticipated to start if it is approved by the voters," school officials said.